Who We Are

Our family business consists of husband and wife team, Mario and Barbara, who are based n London. With roots firmly linked to Sicily, and coming from generations of families who have devoted themselves to traditional, chemical-free farming methods, we can guarantee you an artisanal product which is genuine, full of flavour and free from pesticides.
FEUDO SAN LORENZO's products are farmed by us under the registered trade name of Azienda Agricola Barbara Lattuca in Italy, and sold and distributed in London.


Our estate

A Little More Info

For three years we have been the proud owners of a house on a hill. A stone house built in the 1800s, steeped in Sicilian history as the home of the prominent Sinatra family. Nestled on the hills of Montaperto, close to Agrigento's magnificent Ancient Greek Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO world heritage site, lies our estate of pistachio, almond and olive groves. The soil is enriched by the Sicilian sun, warm sea breeze and cooler hilltop air, adding flavour and aroma to the oil we produce.


The Olives

A special blend of three varietals

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained from a special blend of three different Italian cultivars:

BIANCOLILLA: our main variety and the most widely cultivated olive in Agrigento, it offers hints of fruitiness and fresh herbs, adding a medium pungency to the oil,

CAROLEA: typically grown in Puglia, it adds complex layers of aroma,

CORATINA: common in Calabria, it offers a bold taste with a bitter and spicy aftertaste.


Our Quality Standards

At FEUDO SAN LORENZO we follow strict quality standards.
Our farming methods are strictly chemical-free and traditional. The olives are harvested by hand with the assistance of a hand-held pneumatic comb, and pressed on the day of picking, using a cold-extraction technique.
Our superior quality extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered and unrefined, low in free fatty acids and rich in polyphenols, passing on its rich antioxidant benefits from our olives straight to your plate.